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 Spiritual Sessions With Julia 


Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Requires 3 hrs of your time.  In person ONLY


One on One Spiritual Coaching

$165/hr (in person)

$150/hr (via pone)

One on One Intuitive Healing Guidance 

This includes any messages from loved ones in spirit, Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels

$165/hr (in person)

$150/hr (via pone)

One on One Intuitive Practice 

$50 1/2 hr (in person)

$60 1/2 hr (over the phone) 

must commit to at least 6 to fully benefit 

Energy Healing

$165/hr (in person)

$150/hr (via pone)

Space Blessing


Space Cleansing

Requires 2 visits

1st-for me to read the home/office and prepare for cleansing

2nd-for me to do cleansing


Personal Cleansing

(each case varies)

The New Children Guidance

$165/hr (in person)

$150/hr (via pone)

*Check out Julia's unique approach to helping children!

One on One Healing Spiritual Art Class!

$165/hr (in person)

*Julia also offers weekly  group spiritual meditation classes


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