Your Breaking Point is Your Breaking Open Point Leading You Back Home To Love

When you feel your world is crumbling, your world is being transformed
Your Breaking Point Is Your Breaking Open Point

Loves, your breaking point is your breaking open point. The opening of your soul as the dismantling of the illusion of fear occur in the vibration of love.

The grasp to all have been clinging onto becoming too uncomfortable and more uncomfortable than the fear of the unknown. So your grip to the illusion of what was is loosening as the pull to what IS draws you nearer as the knowing of your soul finds the way to truth always.

You’re feeling alone yet you are never alone. You’re becoming exhausted emotionally, physically not because your body is against you but because your body is begging you to disengage from a reality built from the opposite of what you have been born from. You are born from love. Your body is simply telling you that the vibration in which you chose to focus in is not a vibration that is supportive of your body, your mind and your soul. Your body is speaking this to you however is tied to the decisions in where your awareness is.

We are loving you through these times. We are holding Space of Love. And when you are ready to release your grasp on an energy that is too dense to operate in, you will feel us with you. Your safe to relax, my loves. When you do you will realize the life you were living wasn’t living but existing. You are safe to release but the time in doing so is divinely planned. When you do, as you will, You can then rest, my love and feel the sacred space of union as we nurture you back to your truth of oneness. Breathe HERE. Feel our love surrounding you and recognizing your light. Feel the support of Mother Earth. Know now that you are worthy to release the old story and reclaim the truth you felt in your heart. It’s time to embrace the beautiful journey of this life and SEE the abundance that surrounds you. The more you see the abundance the more you will dismantle the illusion of lack.

When ready, you will denounce the old patterns and the constant self sabotaging and negative talk and rest in our embrace. I see you in your authentic light.

Be still. And know that you are LOVED. Breathe your awareness HERE and come home. Become whole again in our LOVE. 🙏🏼🌈🕊💕🌎🙌🏼💫