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You’ve been quietly preparing for this

Beautiful and worthy YOU...You Have Great Strength! You have overcome so much. You have grown wiser with each rising. You never let the fall break your spirit. You’ve been quietly preparing for this time and it’s upon us now. You wondered why your journey was so trying but you kept going with the whispered promise that it would make sense...someday.

My Love, It’s safe to come out from behind the curtain and show yourself. Step out of the shadow for the chill has grown unbearable for your soul. Step into your light now and see how it all comes to clarity. There’s no denying the calling is growing louder and louder...It’s your time to RISE. You’ve been through Hell and back and HERE YOU ARE. Your journey has been exhausting but HERE YOU ARE. You have fallen and risen with focused determination, more times than you can count, and HERE YOU ARE.....Radiating your pure heart-centered LOVE for ALL. There is no other than YOU who can fulfill this promise. And there is no other time than the NOW.

Don‘t let thoughts of unworthiness distract you from truth. TRUTH....Your struggles didn’t harden your heart. Your tears didn’t break you but cleansed you. You have mastered the divine art of LOVE, and became a true Warrior of The Light!

Rise, my Love! Our time is now! Let’s lock arms and journey together emmiting our Divine Love out into the world. Mother Earth’s cries are becoming screams, but the Divine within us ALL has Awakened and is tapping on the shoulders of ALL of mankind urging for us to answer her calling of healing!

Warriors of the Heart, it’s time we RISE to the this occasion and guide our lost siblings back home. With you by my side I find strength and courage.

Love, let’s Shine our light upon the weak, the lost and the vulnerable as we know what it feels like to be were they are. With our light of love shining warmth upon them, the amnesia will lift and they will remember their beauty. It’s time we all align to who we truly are! It’s time we become ONE again!

Radiant soul of LOVE, you are so needed. The time has come and I love you! Blessings to ALL ❤️ 𝒥𝓊𝓁𝒾𝒶

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