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There is a calling. A rising of your divine LIGHT. It’s not just for a selected few. It’s for ALL and could never exclude you. It’s not something others may consciously be aware of. However, your soul is always aware. There is no need to fret if you miss this calling for if you are HERE you have already answered it and you are already doing your work. There are no exceptions to this for all that journey together are in this TOGETHER! The earthly experience is not always easy for every dagger that came your way, every disappointment, heartache or rejection you created cracks in the dry and weathered shield blocking your light. And now the pieces are crumbling and it’s time to rise to your light and as we rise in our light we rise together. Our lights connect as one. we must awaken from the amnesia by experiencing the feeling of discomfort that leads us to the trusting of our hearts as we walk this journey one heart beat at a time leading us lovingly one divine whisper at a time. The familiar energy is what keeps us going.

Christ consciousness or mere one love…whatever the human label you choose, it is US. Our truth…Our united purpose for BEing here.

We all are RISING No one is excluded

You are safe to RISE! To rise is also to respect the timing for others in our lives to rise but indeed they will rise. When the crumble happens for them is insignificant as to the light that is present behind the shield. Love is the light that binds is all. It is our answer. Let love guide you. It is the answer. It’s what is natural to us all. Start with kindness. Compassion. And let the knowing of your light remind you of the pureness of each and every soul you encounter. starting with yours.

You are so LOVED

❤️ divinely guided messages with Julia

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