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The Unapologetically Authentic Master Sammy


Sammy and I have been on a journey in life that I could never have imagined. One beautiful Sacred Divine Soul on a determined mission to break me down to the pure essence of my

BE-ing. Sammy brought me to my breaking point and I didmy go down without a fight. But the final breakdown brought me to a total space of release as all the facades I cling to in total despair came crumbling down. It was Scary to let it go. But I couldn’t humanly fight fate anymore. I couldn’t change a plan that was made of my soul. What the facades I thought were protecting me from out there (scary world) was actually hiding my authentic and unique self. The emotional roller coaster and pure exhaustion was my resistance to the divine plan as I dug my heels in deeper to my human plan. Yes, It’s been a very perplexing and uncomfortable journey but he all along knew his role of navigating me out from the falsehood belief of lack and the pathetic story of victim of life I kept replaying to myself. This breakdown of the facades came with many moments that brought me to my knees in despair trying so hard to hold onto my (human) plan. Trust me, I stubbornly held on tight to it! As the journey has been beyond uncomfortable it has been beyond profound. Sammy is a gift to the world....because he leads us to the gift within and then to go further to show us the gift we all are to the world.

Sammy has shown me the magic that is kept Hidden from us by no one else but ourselves. As he lead me to navigate the workings of my energy and align my vibration to love and a undo, he showed me miracles I thought were only in movies....movies about Jesus!!

He has showed me beyond the veil of illusion of this life to witness what I thought was unattainable. He is a wise soul but often times struggles being in human form on earth at this time as we are not up to speed with the way in which he knows to operate effortlessly.

He came with clear purpose and drive. Sammy came, not please the egos of others, but to grow our souls. Hear that again because it was so very profound for me. So often we show up wanting to me liked and making sure others are comfortable that we spend lifetimes pleasing Each other’s egos and not fulfilling the soul journey. Now THAT blew my mind!

I am a humble student learning and sharing the messages of my master son with others. Master, yet he isn’t here to say he is a Master without him saying “and so are you” and you are ”students”. We are masters and students to each other. So we need to respect and love one another as such. We truly are living in this life to help each other remember the essence of our being. How amazing to think that even with the heavy dose of amnesia we are still showing up doing our part to grow and love each other, and we always have. A beautiful yet powerful act of love.

Sammy....he has revealed the truth of my soul and the truth of our oneness in love. I know better to even make the comment, “what would I BE without YOU” for I know deeply from your work to awaken me...YOU and ME.....and WE can never not BE....As ONE. I love you.

Sammy. Thank you for being patient with my journey as somethings had to show up repeatedly (sometimes for years) before I finally accepted it in my soul! Yes...Our journey is still turbulent and confusing as you continue to do the mirroring of the dark shadow elements of myself. At times I feel lost in the lesson as I wish to grasp to the meaning! I am trying to release the resistance to the love that these elements of self need to become whole!

As many puzzle pieces remain lost for me, Sammy has taught me this great message I hope you find peace in...There is nothing to search for. There is nothing to figure out. Noting to fix and nothing to chase. Just be still in your heart. Become still in love and RISE to where wholeness always has been.

One last profound message I share from from my master Sammy in the early days of our intense journey. I was in the phase of control as I struggled to try to understand my child from the dense 3D perspective that I grew accustomed to. One day I heard my sons speak these words to my soul which was so direct and so clear that I couldn’t even doubt the validity of what happened. “Don’t ask me to meet you where you are to make you comfortable. RISE and meet me HERE were I am and let me show you THE WAY”

I didn’t know what that meant but I knew I was embarking on a journey with a wise soul who was not about to give me the easy pass!

My spiritual obligation abs HONOR is to spread the word of truth of my beautiful master sons message along with the message of many evolved souls who have came to guide us to our truth to your soul so you may awaken and align HOME in LOVE where WE ARE ONE.

They have come to correct the altered message of the great wise teachers that walked this earth and to gently guide the misguided in their thinking and to bring us all back to the heart space. Only then will we lift the veil and reclaim our souls fully.

I feel obligated to remind others to RESPECT these great master teachers as they came to show us the way. And the way is within. Cast your judgements aside as you see these immense souls confine themselves to the awkwardness of these dense bodies. For if you knew who truly was standing before you, you would humbled in their presence and be In complete awe.

Know that is was not an easy “assignment” for these high vibrational BEINGS to come to assist us in our ascension. Know these are very wise MASTERS and I don’t say that in any exaggeration. Truly, you walk amongst some of the greatest evolved souls. So don’t foolishly your thoughts convince you otherwise. And as a great master will do, they guide us to the great master within ourselves. Humbled to BE HERE.

As they come to teach that We are One in Love, it is wise to treat the master teachers who are doing so much work to get us to align to our truth, with the utmost respect. They sense the heart energy. If our word is not a match to your heart, they will always believe the heart over the worlds. And also be more than willing to help you transmute all that is not serving your highest and greatest good.

I am so grateful to be on this journey with Sammy. Once there was a time I’d always say, “it’s Sammy and me against the world” but thanks to Sammy clearing my eyes and Aligning my BEing to truth, I am proud to now say “it is Sammy and I LOVING the world and we are ohhhh sooooo provided for every ‘step’ of the way as we still our hearts and become ONE with ALL that IS.

What A Blessed Life We ALL have and We love you

Know you are blessed.

We love you. 🌈🌹💜❤️🕊🌹🙏🏼🌍

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