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Sacred space within the heart. Retreat within

There’s a sacred space within your heart we are born with that connects us to the meaning of life. It’s given to guide us back home when we have forgotten. And to remind us of our purpose and who we are beyond just this beautiful physical body. When we are born we are tuned into this sacred space naturally.

We are born to live in the now. We don’t know the concept of time or the concept of lack. We come in with bliss and appreciation of the one space we only have….The NOW. And our full awareness of this one space. We know that life is magical and this earth is a beauty to be held and to be honored by being present in it.

This is an exciting time of awakening to the truth of who we are. So we now look to the children who are here to remind us of the beauty that is within the sacred space of the heart to show us how we will find everlasting peace in this space of the now were only you can truly thrive. We were never meant to lose sight of it. We are still children. All of us.

Let’s come home to the sacred space in your heart where we will meet, we will dance, we will sing, and we will love each other deeply. As it was meant to be. I’m excited to BE here with you and to play on the most magical playground there is…earth 🌏 And I love you. 🌹🌻💚❤️🌈🕊🙏🏼🌺

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