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The common denominator of LOVE diminishes division

I speak of ONE LOVE because I want you to know no matter who you are, I love you. I have always been inquisitive about the workings of the world, human behavior and mostly the hush hush yet oh so obvious and powerful invisible force called LOVE that calls out the illusion of division amongst people. As our Humannness is busy explaining our beliefs and arguing our points and why we are “right” and they are “wrong“ there is this silent, seemingly subtle but consistent calm energy of LOVE always buzzing In the air, within our bodies and in the universe connecting us constantly. Even as we are arguing with each other, we are simultaneous LOVING each other within our soul. It’s LOVE that connects us and binds us together no matter our beliefs, across borders, oceans cultures, race, etc. the buzzing of LOVE is the constant energy that creates our very existence.

I absolutely LOVE....well, LOVE! It makes sense since I/YOU/WE are LOVE. And All the loving aspects of ALL religions/beliefs are also apart of me and you. Each religion and belief I’ve studied has given me chills of awe over the LOVE each other show up giving. I’ve been embraced lovingly in mosques by souls who didn’t know me, yet called me “sister”. I’ve been raised to have compassion and love for others by my catholic parents. I have the most profound visions of Jesus. He has told me that his love is not up in the sky, Yet right beside me. I literally felt Mother Mary take my hands when I asked for her to fill my womb with Love so a child can grow inside me. She has told me she is mother to everyone and to spread this to as many as I can.

I have been moved to tears by reading the stories of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad. I have heard fascinating stories from my Hindu friends. I have found great comfort in the words of Buddha. I have listened with total Bliss as the words of Dalia Lama awakened the knowings of my heart! I’ve fallen asleep to chants of ”OM” prayers on repeat and also to the Aramaic version of The Lords Prayer as has my children. My children walk with ancestral blood of the Muslim, Christian and Jewish people.

As their mom, I am dedicated to continue to instill the belief of this powerful force of love as best as I can as they have taught me the importance of unconditional love. My children see me trip and fall over and over and over as I walk through the dark parts of myself determined to not pass on my wounds to my kids. They also see me get up stronger and Stronger and STRONGER. I am dedicated to my love for my kids as I will not give up releasing the barriers around my heart to fully anchor to unconditional love for all. I am proud that my kids are an expression of the combined common denominator of LOVE.

LOVE is the invisible force that connects us all. The details of our stories are different yet I won’t allow these little differences to trap me in any illusion of separation. For when I SEE YOU. I SEE ME. I SEE LOVE. And in this LOVE we are ONE.

Let us support each other with our love. Let’s help those who have lost their way by simply, LOVING them! Let’s join hands and hearts as we build our strength to pull our brothers and sisters who are suffering out of the dark With just LOVE. It is our strongest asset to offer in times of trouble. When the world has a tragedy, we always show up in our authenticity which is love and we never once stop and ask, “what is your faith“ or “let me first convince you of what I believe Jesus to be” before you instinctively help them. Because your deepest Truth is simply to LOVE. It is most natural to LOVE. So above all let’s make sure we honor this LOVE that units us on this journey of life.

Let our arms be open WIDE (and wise) with unconditional love. Because no matter what minor details of differences we were raised with, the ONE major common denominator across all religions and beliefs is..... L O V E.

You are my brother. You are my sister. In Love we are ONE family. I am LOVE. You are LOVE and it’s LOVE that flows through us and connects us on the deepest level. Our hearts. I Love you! ❤️💜💛💚💙🤍💖🙌🏼🌈🕊

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