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My SON…Shine ☀️ 🙌 ❤️

Sammy is not just my son. He is my greatest teacher. My sunshine. He shined his rays upon me but in the way of shining light on what I needed to heal. What I needed to embrace. What I needed to surrender to. Sam is his own person. He walks proud of who he is yet he doesn’t walk with the crowd. He has made me so uncomfortable in showing me the opportunity to just be ME. But he needed me to know I stand by his side in his uniquness and I can’t do that if I am playing the role of what others expect or I feel I need to be to feel accepted. But the real lesson here is, aren’t we ALL unique? We all are. So, it’s time we put the costumes down and own our true identity. Sammy may be overlooked but little does the overlookers know who he truly is. He is an amazing soul who aligns others to wholeness. He heals many people and animals instantly. With my own eyes I saw him heal my sons eye sty Instantly. It was there and then it was NOT. He healed a rabbit that was ran over by a car left for dead, instantly. And he doesn’t look for any recognition. He doesn’t say only HE can do it, rather we ALL can when we embody our own light and see others with eyes of God.

So as my son journeys here I assure you it’s not easy. And it’s hard as his mom to see him misunderstood in this world and alone as he cannot find his tribe….YET. But as his mom I have GOT to believe he will find his soul family and he will find his place in a world that still holds so much judgment which blinds them from seeing his beautiful soul…a soul of pure love. But as his mom, I have GOT to believe in you to see him. And others who seem invisible. And I know and Sammy knows this is not done with intention and we still see your light when you can’t see ours. Because we can’t help but only see your truth. That is the gift my son has given me. He gave me new eyes to see the world and you in your truth. And I am your sister and you are my sister or brother. I will only have love for you. And I know deep within you only have love for us.

As my son may be “weird” or “awkward” to you, he is truth. And I am proud to be WEIRD right beside him. I wear it as a badge of honor to be with my son in our weirdness together. He is true in his compassion and love. But he doesn’t try to fit any norm. And he is someone I admire to a degree i only wish to rise to in this lifetime. He is my hero. Sammy I SEE you. I KNOW you. And I LOVE you. Thank you for SEEING me, my truth and showing me I am safe being ME.

🙏️💫 🌎 🌀♾️ 💕💫

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