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L҉. O҉ V҉. E҉ E҉. X҉. P҉. A҉. N҉. D҉. S҉.


In truth, we can never truely leave each other. We can never be separated or be energetically apart.

Simply Because we LOVE each other. In our truth we are always together because love never dies. Love expands. It doesn’t diminish or cease. We enjoy each other with our physical bodies but we fall in love with each other’s spirit. It is within our spirits that we recognize each other and REMEMBER that we love each other and always have.

When you lose a loved one they never leave you. They are within all things that bring you joy. They are within all the acts of kindness you give and also within all the ones you receive. They are within your laugh and the laughter around you. They are within the sun that warms your face. They are within the fragrance of the flowers you stop to smell. They are within the glowing light of the moon that you gaze in awe of and they are also beside you sharing in the awe of each sunset that makes you forget about the days troubles. Simply they are in the love you feel. They are in the joy of this life. They are in the beauty of life. They are in the pureness of each child. They are within your kind warm smile to another and also the smile of the other.

They are beside you and within you. They are the love the you knowledge.

Love doesn’t diminish. It…. E X P A N D S.


I Love You.


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