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Divine, Sacred Soul, I Love YOU!

Do you realize how beautiful you are? Without you WE are not complete. I am so honored to BE HERE with you! I am in awe of your light! I am inspired by your strength and I am humbled to walk the sacred land of earth beside you. You're such a divine soul that embodies deep wisdom of ancient knowledge and the pureness of GOD/SOURCE within your sacred heart. You radiate the light of love. In your presence I feel complete. Your warmth heals me and your light reminds me of WHO I AM. YOU and ME are ONE in the LOVE in which we are composed of and NOW we get to share this human experience feeling the separation yet never separate as the constant rhythm of our hearts and our breath reminds us of our connected spirit like a familiar whisper "never alone and never apart".

Let our acts of love, compassion and joy remind each other of this sacred home of love we were born from. Beautiful YOU. Never feel alone, Be Still and Breathe....feel our connected breath reminding us of our truth. Come to this NOW and here you will feel what IS real. LOVE! There is no death and there is no separation in LOVE. LOVE exceeds these human limitations. Love has no limits in where it travels and it has no expiration date. WE are LOVE and so WE are infinite! I so LOVE YOU! Thank you for BEing HERE with me at this very sacred and monumental time! You have all you need within the portal of your heart including all of US collectively LOVING YOU. Be still and Be YOU! You can't get this wrong. You wrote the story and you are your own MASTER. With and Within LOVE, Julia

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