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Being Human is uncomfortable but necessary for our growth and purpose

I’m releasing big deep gut wrenching cries as I am pushed deep into this human experience by mourning the loss of this precious soul. His soul was so bright and powerful that he completed his mission in one incident that brought the world together. This is an opportunity for us to be humble and really surrender our agenda and look to our brothers and sisters with the eyes of compassion and love. We are all birthed from this great love of God and therefor we are connected in this love. And we are brothers and sisters. We are to see each other as we see Rayan. An innocent soul who is just pure God love. I said recently what if we all walked around with a badge that had a picture of us as a child. Would we be so quick to judge? To hurt with our words and actions? Or would we be compassionate and understanding that truly we are doing the best we can and we are all just children of God. I so love you, Rayan for your amazing powerful awakening as I surrender into this uncomfortable and raw human illusion of loss so I may journey to the other side of remembering oneness where we will meet you in your light body. What a gift you are. I so love you all, my brothers and sisters of LOVE! I SEE YOU. I KNOW YOU. I LOVE YOU. ❤️🙏🏼🌈🌹

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