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I share this every year on 9/11 because Halo was a sign to my family of what is truly possible in LOVE. The day I posted this I woke up that morning asking God to show me a miracle. It was September 11 and I thought it was a perfect day to see what truly is possible and to be reminded of all the good available to us. Then Halo came to us. After driving my two boys, who go to public school, off that morning, a neighbor startled me by standing by my car as I was stepping out of the car door. Before she even spoke I heard "Here is your miracle". She then started to explain about the bunny who was run over by a car and laying in a pool of his own blood. She asked if I could move the bunny to the side of the road so it can die peacefully without being run over again. Since she was with her dog, she couldn't help. Instead I took the bunny in to my garage. My curious son, Sammy came to look. As a mother I instantly wanted to shield him from seeing such a sad sight but that day was truly orchestrated by God. I heard "Let him". So a peace came over me and I let him look at the injured bunny. Without hesitation, he went to place his hand on the bunny. Again, as a mother I wanted to stop him and yet again I heard, "Let him". And so I did. What happened then shocked me! This bunny, with what I thought was his last breaths with him, instantly got up and walked to the corner of the box! I was so shocked as he was clearly too injured to do this. With a wound that expelled so much blood, one we never were able to confirm the location of, it seemed impossible that this bunny could do this. We named this special bunny Halo and 24 hours later he hopped away completely whole, without any sign of harm. It truly was a miracle. However, the miracle didn't stop with Halo. The true miracle God showed me that day was my SON. For the first time I SAW my son. Not the son I tried to mold him to be. The son GOD made him to be. I am not claiming Sammy has some super human power. What I am claiming is that we all have this super human power and it's called LOVE. What he has taught me is what he did for Halo, we can do everyday for ourselves and those in our lives in need. What Sammy did was purely from LOVE. He showed me the power within that. I have learned that we can bring goodness from love in any situation...ALWAYS. Love is our true identity. It is the light within this body which is just a home to our true selves. Sammy has taught me that in some cases we can heal instantly and in others cases we aren't supposed to because there are more lessons to grow us on this journey but it's not that we have failed. It just IS. And it's all for a greater plan. A plan so much more vast than this reality. He has taught me to not believe we are limited beings and victims of circumstances. When we fully come from LOVE all things are possible. He has been my great teacher. His first lesson for me tested me…Big time! My mom comes from a big family of outgoing and talkative beautiful souls. Here I come with this beautiful child that has no interest in small talk, is irritated if you come into his personal space and rather ride his bike with the wind in his hair than hang out with a crowd of people! It stressed me! I thought, "He needs to fit in!" I fought for years with God trying to explain to HIM how Sammy should be!! It seems so funny now to think of those arguments with God but as we all do when we fight against life, I became exhausted and, after a VERY long fight, I surrendered. I fell to my knees and I said, "I give up God! You win!" But he showed me it was I that won. Little did I know what was on the other side of surrendering. It wasn't defeat. It wasn't failure. It was beauty. It was bliss. It was a miracle. I know fully now that in no way would Sammy be able to show me what is possible until I surrendered and trusted in HIM. HIM, my SON and HIM, GOD. And I did. I had to fully surrender for HIM to show me who he was. And he showed me miracle after miracle. Yes, many in the form of healing animals and people. Even a sty his little brother had on his right eye that was so swollen he could barely open it disappeared in just a few minutes when Sammy did what came natural to him, heal. But the biggest miracle he has shown me is what is possible when we claim who we are. He taught me to be authentic to who I am and when I did this, life flowed. Like magic! I let go of trying to fit into a mold myself, not just forcing Sammy into a mold. Thank GOD he never agreed to it and fought like heck to be who he was. I realized I wasn't begging God to make Sammy like everyone else for HIS comfort. I was asking God to do this for MY comfort. I told myself I was praying to ease his discomfort but in truth, it was to ease mine. Because Sammy has ALWAYS been confident in who he IS. This was never an issue and I had to face this realization that those desperate prayers were to make ME feel comfort not him. The gift I received was within TRUST and in TRUSTING you start to see miracles unfold one after another. Trusting in who I was and who my son was. Sammy brought up so much I suppressed within. I tried my entire life to fit in. I was able to conform to some extend and play this game by being just like everyone else. However, years later, I have a son that is different and in an instant I am back to being the little girl on the playground who didn't fit in. I was angry! No way! I didn’t want to be this person who was "defective" anymore! I was NOT going to be the mom with the "quirky" kid. I thought, God must HATE me! Just when I got this pretending to be normal thing figured out, God makes me feel like a failure again? Why would he do this to me?!!! I was NOT about to be the mom people whispered about behind my back! And there started the fight with GOD. The battle had begun. And it's a battle I eventually surrendered to. And by surrendering….I have won. I have won the most amazing soul to walk this journey of life with. Wow! If I only knew....I would have raised my white flag a long time ago. If you are going through something that has you arguing with God or feeling defeated, I hope these words bring some comfort and knowing that YOU are HERE for a special purpose. Surrender into it. Raise your white flag. Learn from me and don't fight for years. There are no two molds that are the same. That is a GOOD THING! Sammy taught me and hopefully now you, embrace your unique gifts which come packaged in this situation you are in. KNOW that to the core of each gift we have, resides LOVE! It is what unites us, it is what brings us all together in times of crisis and it is what HEALS us. I LOVE YOU!

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