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Vibration, Vibration, Vibration

I had a dream last night that I was just staring at my son and thinking I am missing something he is trying to remind me of. I decided this will be what I discuss with the collective consciousness of the children and my guides and angels. Can you tell me what is Sammy trying to tell me or remind me of. My dream had me feel I was forgetting something.... "Look back on all you have learned about what Sammy has taught you in life and you will see your answer. Nothing has changed in what he is here to 'remind' you of. Sammy is a very wise soul teaching you a very important lesson about just how powerful your energy and others energy is and it is time you remember fully so you can continue and fully teach this to others. Start with what you know about Sammy and you will find your answer yet again...." "He has taught me that my vibration is everything and manipulates my reality instantly. When my vibration is high and I am not trying to control this life and view it more as an experience to be enjoyed my experience is amazing and not short of magical! However, when I get sucked into control through the form of worry or fear my reality mirrors this. He has taught me that truly we are creating our experience. And when I am in the lower vibrations, he is more distant from me. He sort of stays away from me because of the energy. I then start the same trap of thinking 'what's going on with SAMMY?' when the question should be 'What is going on within ME?' that is truly the only question I need to ask when I am not liking the experience.. YES this is his huge lesson to me that is SO powerful and life transforming! It is crazy how I can keep forgetting or I can keep choosing, I should say, the less desired vibration. How can I have the high vibration 24/7" "It is simply a choice. Think of this....There is a man walking with arms full of bags from the grocery store. He stumbles and falls resulting with all of his bags falling to the ground and his items falling out of the bags. There are 2 types of people (and vibrational choices). There is the one who immediately curses. He blames the city for the uneven sidewalk as he angrily picks up his items thinking of who he can sue for this inconvenient event. Then there is the person who immediately but calmly starts picking up his items, grateful that he has not hurt himself in any way and is grateful that none of his grocery items are broken. He starts to wonder if this little stumble in the road prevented him from a greater more detrimental incident. Perhaps, this stumble prevented him from a greater accident up ahead and he is in even more gratitude. The difference is this man trusts life's flow....he doesn't fight life by swimming against the current, he rides the waves and trusts. There are two very different vibrations going on. Anger is a very low vibration that will set off a ripple effect and decipher how the rest of the day will go by the CHOICE of vibration made by this man. Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations and this too sets off a ripple effect and this too is a CHOICE. We have one same scenario with two very different responses. So, can you stay in a high vibration 24/7? Yes, but it is a choice and 100% up to you. Now, ask yourself, which shoes would you rather walk in for that day, the first man's shoes or the second man's shoes? Immediately, your body will tell you which is the better choice. This is because your body knows what is good for you! Your body is a master in vibration! When you think of the first man, your body tightens up and it becomes tense. It is warning you, "danger"! It is picking up on the vibration of this story and it is saying to you "NO". When you think of the second man, your body is light and it feels at peace. Mostly, it is saying this vibration serves you well and it is SAFE. Your body is always trying to navigate you but are you listening? You have all the answers it's just a matter of listening. Can you be in a high vibration 24/7? Yes and it's a choice. It has never been more complicated than that. Go vibe high! And see what you create! LOVE the life you create!" THANK YOU!!!! Have a beautiful day! Much love and light to you all! ​Julia


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