The New Children....Getting my attention!

Today I woke up feeling the tug on my sleeve from the wise and beautiful children energy to connect and take note of what they need to say: "Celebrate! Celebrate!" (the collective consciousness of the children show me a great celebration they are having) me: "What do you mean, 'Celebrate!'?" "Celebrate that you are 'HERE'! You have heard our calls out to you! Boy it sure took a lot to get your attention! You sure have learned not to trust yourself! Do you know where that stems from? It stems from self worth. The ones with great knowledge and connections to the worlds beyond this physical experience tend to suffer from self worth! But you are 'HERE'! Hooray! The time of awakening has happened and the great leaders to truth are 'HERE'! We say 'here' because you have been overtaken by the mind! What you refer to as the ego! The energy that sees physical matter and situations and creates beliefs surrounding them. You, the you who have chosen to take this journey to bring truth and to create monumental change laid dormant and trapped within this physical body, overtaken by the mind. The real YOU, is (and always has been) present in your heart not your head. Close your eyes now and feel where you reside within your physical expression. Yes! it is your heart in which your energy is chambered! But don't think being trapped without control in your physical body has not served a great purpose! While you stayed, without 'control' YOU were a great observer! YOU learned great things about human conditioning, about how others out there are truly "asleep" waiting to awaken just like you! But all of this is also for great reason and purpose! Now, we ask you to remember back to when you connected with God/Source/Love energy and you received this message: 'Heaven is not a destination but a vibration. Bring my children home!' "This is a great message for you. Go back today and re-read this entry and meditate on it. There is much more within those words! Glorious days are upon us!!! Now that you are 'HERE'! Thank you for answering the door. What fun to be had!" ________________ Here is the entry I made when I connected to God/Source energy 11/13/15: G/S: "Don't you already know you are the LIGHT?!" Me: "Why is it hard sometimes to be here?" G/S: "Ahhhh between God and Human you (all) are! Ahhh, isn't it clear child? Bring ME through YOU to THEM. This is your purpose!" Me: "Will I be provided for?" G/S: "I will CONTINUE to provide for you. For YOU know ME more than MANY." Me: "Sometimes it is hard to feel human emotions that are low" G/S: "You are meant to FEEL so that you have compassion for others" Me: "What about my family, especially Sammy (my unique but gifted child) and random worries? G/S: "BRING YOUR LIGHT! It has never been more complicated than that! No situation requires different than above! Hasn't Sammy, my son, taught you this? And protected and blessed they (family) has been and will continue to be. Bring your LIGHT! This is your truth that you are brought here to do!" Me: "My thoughts about myself and if I am good enough emerge often!" G/S: "Whatever insecurities you have inside, bring your light! You are always LIGHT first before your physical body and mind/thoughts. It is OUR light for your light and my light is of the SAME...I ask you now, how does that FEEL?" Me: "Exhilarating and of Truth" G/S: "Ahhhh....what you are feeling is Heaven on Earth! So bring Heaven to Earth!! Heaven is NOT a destination but a VIBRATION! Bring my children HOME!" Me: "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Today I will take the advice of meditating on this entry and see what else is to be learned! With Love! ​Julia