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Dana-High Priestess

A dear friend of mine pulled this beautiful card for me. I thought it was interesting since I have been drawn to celtic music lately and she is a Ancient Celtic Goddess. This morning I was drawn to connect with her and hear what she wanted to tell me. I have noted my conversation with Dana High-Priestess: She hands me a golden flower. It looks like it is moving and as alive as you and me even though it is not in the ground I am told through thought that it can return to the ground without harm. It is vibrant and beautiful! It is hard to stop looking at such a beautiful specimen! Dana High-Priestess then takes my hand, “Come with me my child. I’ll take you on a journey to see the truth that lies within. This is not a separate world from that which you live in. This is a world within your world and I shall show it to you. Come my child, let me take you on a journey within the only world you believe to exist." (I see a field of gold….wherever my eyes take me the color gold is all around, with magical energy and the air is full of particles of gold dust). "It is full of wonder, isn’t it? It is full of delight to your senses, isn't it? This is the world you, our beloved family of the human race, like to call “imagination”. This is the world that exists that you have decided to call 'fiction'. Tell me child, how can you see that which you have created if you believe that which you have created doesn’t exist? This has perplexed us about our beloved family of the human race. You have all the power to create the world in which your eyes lie upon now (gesturing towards the beautiful fields of Gold) yet you choose not to believe in it, and to experience only the world you have also created in which you find discomfort and the feeling of powerlessness. But Nonetheless, this world still exists within the world you experience everyday because it has been created and therefor it MUST be! But do you choose to see it, child? Have you forgotten (she then gives me quick glimpses of me as a child. Always having a connections and memories being in golden fields) You have created such beauty, so why would you and the rest of our beloved human family choose to only see what has been created from your fears and worries? Don’t you know, sweet child, that your fears are as real as you want them to be? Come closer child (she brings me to a blade of gold field grass and I see the energy of gold beautiful energy within it dancing as we look upon it. She gives me a moment to take it all in and to feel the loving energy of this and to feel the truth within it). Come see the world within the world you live….perhaps you will learn to accept this world exists within your reality. And perhaps child, you will learn and teach others how to change any reality that has been created from the human emotion of fear. Know this my child, YOU have created such beauty that lies before you! (again, gesturing to the stunning golden field) It is yours to be had! Isn’t it splendid?" Thank you for letting me see what IS! I will embrace ALL that exists today! Much love to you all! Julia

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