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Everything is a reflection from within.  Words that SoulBliss Studio says often to their students and Clients.  What you see on the outside first is created from the inside.  Meditation is the core of SoulBliss.  It is what connects us with the higher power and connects us with all that exists.  We are ONE and we are LOVE.  This is SoulBliss Studio's mission to align others to the truth of LOVE and it always starts from within.  

SoulBLiss is here to help you take that journey within to connect with this truth of love and power that decides within YOU.  The entire universe is within YOU and we will show you how to center yourself and create peace and harmony in your life through going within.

SoulBliss provides a variety of Meditation Classes.  Just a few are, Intention Meditation, Healing Meditation, Aligning with the NOW Meditation, Kids Meditation and more.  Please check the calendar for upcoming meditation classes.  We will have two core meditation classes a week and added special meditations throughout the months.

Meditation packages available

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