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"I Am Here And All Is Well" 

Julia is a  gifted intuitive.  For over 15 years she has been an energy healer facilitator, medium, spiritual coach,  meditation facilitator, certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapist, Certified Ho'oponopono Coach and Awesomism Practitioner for the gifted sensitive children. Julia has reached thousands of hearts with her message of One Love.  She has been through the dark and in a moment with God/Source at her very lowest she surrendered and stated firmly...


 "If I am shown a way out of this dark I will dedicate my life to guiding others out of this  dark". -Julia


Although,  she didn't know what the way out would be in that moment, however the energy of warmth in her sure Der and conviction spoke to her that her journey was about to unfold in a beautiful divinely planned way.  Julia's passion is standing strong to her promise and she finds great joy and peace in being the light of love for others to find thier way home.    dedicated her life giving back to others by using her gifts to create clarity and direction. She lives her life being a beacon of light to those who have lost their way but desire to find their path and reclaim their joy. She shares her ability all over the globe to connect with Guides, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and passed loved ones and works with only the highest vibrational spirits so her messages always come from a place of love and everyone is guaranteed to receive peace and healing in their hearts. She aligns you to your higher self....your truth.Julia takes what she does very seriously. The messages she receives are from Divine and it is her responsibility to deliver those messages. She is honored to have such a gift that she can share with others to assist in their healing process.

Her Love, Passion and Dedication to

The Spiritually Gifted Masters That Walk the Earth With Us....

"My children all have open parts of my soul that haas been hidden even from myself" - Julia

Julia is a blessed  Mother to 4  spiritually gifted kids.  She was guided back to embrace her authenticity by her gifted children.  She honors their journey as they honor hers.  They are working together to bring awareness of the power of One Love.  Julia is forever grateful to be journeying here with her highly spiritually evolved kids.  Through her journey, she understand the struggles of raising Energetically Sensitive Children and she first hand has had to learn to navigate a world in which she feels so deeply.

 "Your child chose YOU because you are also a energetically sensitive soul"  -Julia


Julia  works closely with the "New Children" or what she would like to call them, our master teachers  leading us to master SELF.  These beautiful sacred souls come with great purpose for the world, but the first mission they have is to awaken YOU, the parent.  They need you to be authentically YOU so that they can continue their purpose to bring awarenes of LOVE.  They chose you to journey with because they knew you had what it takes to trust and honor their journey.  They first teach you to honor YOU!  


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